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Queer as Foxtrot is a new LGBTQI / Same-Sex dance space created by Anny Salerni. Currently, Anny is the only professional on staff but in time, this may change. Any professionals wishing to join, please feel free to make contact.

Meet Anny

Anny spent her life in dance studios, starting lessons at May Down's dance school at the tender age of 5.  Pantomimes and song and dance competitions were some of the many types of performances under her belt as she studied theatrical dance (jazz ballet, tap, contemporary & classical R.A.D. ballet as well as folk dancing), until 18 years of age when she decided to turn her hand (or feet), to Ballroom & Latin. At the age of 19, Anny took a full time position with Rio Dance Studio and became a professional member of the Australian Dancing Society (ADS), shortly thereafter.  After a few years as a novice teacher, Anny began freelancing at various studios around Melbourne including Essendon Danse Academy, Granada Dance Centre.  In the mid 90's Anny decided to open her own space - which was eventually named Dance Cats Studio.  This studio took many years to build and develop, but was a success after lots of hard work and determination, against the odds. (more…)

Ballroom Rules

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I started at QAF a bit over a year ago. I always wanted to learn to dance so finding an LGBTQI friendly dance class was too good a chance to pass up and it turned out to be the BEST THING...



Queer as Foxtrot’s mission is to create a supportive space where people can meet for social dance classes and events in a non-threatening and
friendly environment for lovers of dance (or the dance curious), within the LGBTQI community.

We also offer regular meetups, wedding dance preparation or choreography, private lessons for fitness and technical development, etc.. 

Classes are held in an adults only space, cash only as we have no ATM services.

New students can just turn up, or feel free to contact Anny for any questions by email or phone.
All classes are casual, there’s no need to book and you don’t need a partner to get started, most come as singles.
We hope to see you in class soon, new members are always welcome!

What's New

QaF's What's New notice board is updated regularly with anything new and happening that you need to know about.



James Welsby, Queer Dance Series 2019

James Welsby, DANCE MAKER is hosting another round of Queer Dance Series classes in early 2019. Anny’s Latin class for beginners will be held on...

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Fitzroy Upgrades have happened!

Please come and visit us for a class soon, to check out the new space with a re-surfaced floor, new furniture and painted walls, it's positively...

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It’s all in the feet – dance shoes

Having the correct dance shoe can really help improve your dance and movement. Correctly fitted dance shoes help give you the ability to twist and turn with ease across the dance floor and help prevent sticking, skidding and slipping which is not fun for anyone. If you’re thinking about some new dance shoes, have a check these well priced dance shoes from Light In The Box and JJs House.  If...
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Friday Socials will re-starting soon, wooo hooo and bye bye Winter!

Friday Socials will re-start on Friday 7 September.  These are your practice sessions and play time so I hope you can make it, plus there’s wine!  J  It’s still a class but a little looser, you don’t have to change partner all the time if you don’t want to and you can come and just watch if you really must, as it’s more like a party that way.  This is handy for those who only like...
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Entry $15/$12 concession. Additional class in the same week - half price $7.50/$6 concession. Includes dance lesson, nibbles and tea/coffee/soft drink.


Fitzroy – Tuesday & Thursday

250 George St

Footscray – Friday

4 Hyde St


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