All Classes at QaF are casual

Feel free to give it a try, there’s no terms or contracts and no need to bring a partner.  So please feel free to just turn up!  🙂

What’s coming up

Tuesday 19 June
We’re @ DanceHouse Carlton, Tues 19 June – bookings essential!!
Queer as Foxtrot is hosing one of the workshops/dance sessions in this series, all of which are free to the public.  Our session is on Tuesday June 19 – please join what I anticipate will be a fast paced beginner’s class, but you have to book, via Program Manager Ashley Dyer at: or call 9347 2860.  Please wear your dance shoes if possible, I can’t wait to see you there!
Tuesday June 19 – Dancehouse (Upstairs)
Same-Sex Ballroom & Latin by Anny Salerni
150 Princes St, Carlton Nth
7pm – 8:30pm
Friday Socials have ended for winter
These Friday sessions will re-commence in Spring.  We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment, however the party will go on.. 🙂  Date TBC.
Class Demonstrations for the Dance Party on 27 July
We have class demonstrations planned for Lev 1 & 2, possibly something from our Friday crew too.  So, we’ll be practising our routines during class (which won’t interrupt the usual format), from now ’til the party and everyone’s welcome, so I hope you’re in!
Class routines:  Lev 1 – Cha Cha Cha / Lev 2 – Waltz & Rumba / Fri Socialites – Jive & Waltz / Merrilyn?
Photo Shoot, Tues 26 June
I’m making Tues 26 June a photo-shoot night, just letting you all know in case it matters.  It’s not fancy dress at all but it is your opportunity to dress up if you like that sort of thing in case you end up on the website.  There’s no obligation to do anything other than show up to class and the class itself will possibly have a couple of photo group shots but otherwise will run normally.  Come as you are or feel free to frock up and I’ll bring the feather boas for everyone to share. 


QaF Classes

Beginner’s classes Tuesdays
Lev 1 – Beginner’s class, Fitzroy.

A social group class for complete beginners, held in Fitzroy on Tuesdays. As this is a social group, please feel free to meet up before class for dinner, drinks etc. at cafe on Smith St or the Napier Hotel, nearby.

When:  Tuesdays
Level:   Beginners
Time:    7:00pm – 8:15pm
Add:      250 George St, Fitzroy  (St Mark’s hall)
Cost:     $15/$12 conc.  (with ID) 
Styles:  Ballroom & Latin

Lev 2 – Beginner’s class, Fitzroy

A social group class for slightly experienced Beginners.  Also, for those who’ve become a little rusty and need a gentle reminder, making this a restorative experience for some.  This class immediately follows the Lev 1 class on Tuesdays.  As this is a social group, please feel free to meet up before class for dinner, drinks etc. at cafe on Smith St or the Napier Hotel.

When:  Tuesdays
Level:   Beginners – Intermediate
Time:    8:15pm – 9:30pm
Add:      250 George St, Fitzroy  (St Mark’s hall)
Cost:     $15/$12 conc. (with ID) 
Styles:  Ballroom, Latin & Basic New Vogue

Friday Socials 

A social group class (with a party feel), for dancers of all experience including beginners, held in Footscray on Fridays except public holidays.  If you’re heading to dinner/drinks before class, there are some great places on Barkly St or a little closer at the Station Hotel.  Afterwards (when it’s open) we’ll likely head to POOF in Footscray, which is about 5-10 min walk away from our venue.

When:  Suspended until Spring 2018.
Level:   All levels welcome
Time:    7:30pm – 9:00pm
Add:      4 Hyde St Footscray  (Scout Hall)
Cost:     $15/$12 conc. (with ID)                                   
Inc:        Nibbles, tea/coffee & wine (or BYO)

Novice dancers are encouraged to participate in this class, which is more like a party.  There’s some basic instruction to get you started, with revision and time for questions etc. after your initial warm up.  We should get through many different Latin and Ballroom dances and will go later than 9pm, if numbers support. 

Dances covered:  Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Salsa, Rumba, Jive or Rock n Roll, Prog dances, New Vogue among others..

There’s instruction throughout the class with lots of dancing in between and a half time break, or more as thirsts need quenching. 🙂  There will be a couple of Progressives too (circular with partner swapping), and some New Vogue, as requested.  This class includes nibbles to give it a party feel too, and feel free to BYO alcohol/plate.

More info:

What happens in Beginner’s class?  Please go to the new students page for more info.

How many dances are covered each class?  Tuesdays – this totally depends upon the pace of the participants, but suffice to say we’ll get through at least 3 dances, during each class.  Fridays – We’ll get through about 6 or more dances as there’s less instruction.  However, you can bank on doing both Ballroom and Latin dances, during every session.

Do I have to change partners, I’m coming with my dance/life partner?  Yes please, all participants will be asked to change partners, regardless of their partner status.  You can change right back to your regular partner at every second change if this is important to you.  Most couples are very happy with that, as all dancers benefit from a variety of experienced partners – that’s a good thing for everyone as it really helps your progress.  But, the best option for those who don’t wish to change partners at all, is private lessons, contact Anny for more info.

Will I get a break?  There’s always a half-time break for a few mins, with practise music played for the very keen, who don’t want to stop and would rather keep dancing.  

Can I arrive early?  Do feel free to arrive early and have a cuppa before class (or practise of course).  Please understand that watching rather than participating during class – is not allowed, in consideration of the students taking part.  It’s hard enough being a beginner without also having an audience so we hope this is appreciated.

* Private lessons with Anny are also available, held on Thursdays in Fitzroy.  Please feel free to enquire by email or phone, for availability.

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