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What happens in the Beginner’s class? New students are always welcome to join our beginners class throughout the year.  We always assume, for Level 1 in particular, that you’re starting from scratch so no matter what time of the year – you can start classes.  Come alone or as a couple, lots of singles support our classes so it’s not unusual to arrive alone, so please feel free to join the club. Special offer for new students, read more………

How many dances are covered in each class?  Tuesdays – this totally depends upon the pace of the participants, but suffice to say we’ll get through at least 3 dances, during each class.  Fridays – We’ll get through about 6 or more dances as there’s less instruction.  However, you can bank on doing both Ballroom and Latin dances, during every session.

Do I have to change partners, I’m coming with my dance/life partner?  Yes please, all participants will be asked to change partners, regardless of their partner status.  You can change right back to your regular partner at every second change if this is important to you.  Most couples are very happy with that, as all dancers benefit from a variety of experienced partners – that’s a good thing for everyone as it really helps your progress.  But, the best option for those who don’t wish to change partners at all is private lessons, contact Anny for more information.

Will I get a break?  There’s always a half-time break for a few mins, with practise music played for the very keen, who don’t want to stop and would rather keep dancing.

Can I arrive early?  Do feel free to arrive early and have a cuppa before class (or practice of course).  Please understand that watching rather than participating during class – is not allowed, in consideration of the students taking part.  It’s hard enough being a beginner without also having an audience so we hope this is appreciated.

Private lessons with Anny are also available, held on Thursdays in Fitzroy.  Please feel free to enquire by email, phone or website for availability.

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