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New Students

New students are always welcome to join our beginners class throughout the year.  We always assume, for Level 1 in particular, that you’re starting from scratch so no matter what time of the year – you can start classes.  Come alone or as a couple, lots of singles support our classes so it’s not unusual to arrive alone, so please feel free to join the club. 

As well as good exercise, dancing is a great way to meet make new connections and an inexpensive way to get out of the house on a weekly basis.  Friday’s session includes wine, if you need some Dutch courage, or feel free to BYO – as it’s a party themed class. 

Beginners are welcome to join Friday sessions, however the pace is much faster than on Tuesdays.  Friday Socails have some instruction, so complete beginners may need to sit out of a couple of dances such as the Viennese Waltz etc. which are too tricky and dangerous, for first timers.  Many students come to both the Level 1 & 2 classes as well as the Friday Social, some only do private lessons and some the lot, it’s all up to you.    

Special offer for new students
New students are welcome to take up a 1 hour trial private lesson for $50 (save $20), so please feel free to make enquiries, there’s no obligation to continue.

Partner search
If you’re looking to be matched up with a dance partner, please add your name to the list at reception or feel free to post your interest on our Facebook group page or ask during class.


Fri Socials – like a dance party every week!

When                     Every Friday  (except public hols)
Time                       7:30pm – 9pm
Address                4 Hyde St, Footscray (scout hall)
Entry                      $15 full / $12 conc.
Includes                Dance Lesson, Nibbles, Soft Drink/Cask Wine (or BYO)

General info – For Tues & Fri sessions:

Music:  Includes traditional, retro and current stuff.

Dance Styles:  Ballroom;  Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep.

Latin American:  Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive, Rock n Roll.

New Vogue:  Evening 3 Step, Merrilyn, Barn Dance, Gypsy Tap, Tangoette, Lucille.

Progressives/Party dances:  Prog Jive, Prog Samba, Prog Cha Cha Cha.

Also..  Viennese Waltz, Street Latin and other New Vogue dances by request. 

Queer As Foxtrot fees

More Information

Must I be lesbian, gay or a member of the LGBTQI community to be involved? 
No, anyone who’s an adult (over 16 yrs), can participate.  However, you can expect to dance with people of the same sex, at some stage (but not 100% of the time), during class.

What to expect?
In the beginner’s classes, you will be guided slowly through the basic steps, as a group without a partner first.  Then we’ll put you together with a partner to run through the patterns, and then finally you’ll have a chance to dance to music.  Then we usually change partner and have another go to music.  That takes about 15-20 mins, then the whole process starts again with the next dance.

Dances included:  Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Cha Cha Cha, Jive, Rumba and Samba.  From time to time we will also cover Street Latin and some New Vogue, to keep things interesting.

What’s in it for me? 
Dancing has so much to offer as a hobby.  You will have gained a life-skill by learning to Waltz, Tango, Rock n Roll etc. which will come in handy at future social functions.  You’ll also make new friends and get lots of exercise whilst having fun along the way.  Apart from weekly dance lessons, there are opportunities for you to; attend our dance parties, do performances, find a dance partner, be tested for exams, or even participate in various competitions (available to Same-Sex dancers around Australia, NZ and Europe), are available to you.  Even if none of the above applies to you, it’s not important that you go any further than just turning up to class, we won’t put any pressure on you to do more than you’re willing to do.

Do I need a partner? 
No, most students arrive on their own, some couples or friends will attend too, but there’s no weirdness about not having a partner during classes, or even on our social nights for that matter.  However, partners can be found if you wish to train with someone seriously (please let us know if you’re looking), and as partner swapping during group classes is mandatory, you’ll have many opportunities to dance with various partners and find someone you click with, if that’s what you’re looking for.  Please don’t let not having a partner stop you from attending, as you’re never alone in our classes.

Couples / Groups?
Singles, Couples and Groups of friends, are all welcome to join our classes and social nights.  And.. if you want to arrange your own ‘private’ group sessions, we will do our best to accommodate.

Is there a contract or terms? 
No, feel free to come every week or intermittently, it’s all up to you as classes are all casual.  If you can’t make it to every class, there’s no pressure or guilt trips, just come when you can.  However, those who are more serious and want to fast track their results should attend every week, possibly bolster your progress with the occasional private lesson.  You’re progress is in your hands (or feet), so don’t be shy if you need to speak with Anny, to discuss your plan of action!

Best NOT to wear flip flops, thongs or anything that might slip off your feet as you’re dancing.  Limited sizes of used men’s and women’s dance shoes are available for borrowing or to try out, please ask during class.

What to wear?
Dress comfortably, wear clothes you can move in, although during class the Ballroom and Latin steps covered won’t be very physical, so lycra, leotards etc. are definitely not required.  This is far from a ballet class. :0)

How to find us:

We’re at:  250 George St Fitzroy on Tuesdays and Thursdays (St Mark’s Hall) and 4 Hyde St Footscray on Fridays (Scout Hall).

Fitzroy: View Map

The St Mark’s community hall is used for Tuesday’s group classes, it’s on the corner of George and Moor streets in Fitzroy.  Look for the blue door, it’s just off the street.  If you go too far you’ll find a red door, which leads to yoga (that’s moonwalk time!).  For security purposes, we may lock the doors after class starts so please knock loudly and we’ll happily let you in.

Footscray: View Map
The Scout Hall at 4 Hyde St is used for Group Classes, Private Lessons and the occasional Dance Party.  Situated just off Footscray Rd between the Police and Footscray train station, making it very handy for commuters.

Parking is available on site at this venue, just drive in through the gates beside the hall.  On street parking is also available.