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Same-Sex Dance Classes

All Classes are casual

Same-Sex Dancing is the same as any other Ballroom & Latin class except that the gender of the Leader or Follower is not presumed.  So boy or girl, tall, graceful, prefer to be the spinner rather than the spin-ee, whatever, it’s totally up to you!  Lead or Follow, it’s all in your hands, or feet as it were. 

Also, lots of singles attend our classes so please feel free to turn up on your own or bring a friend, it’s all good.  Whether you come as a single, couple or group, we change partner regularly in class so it barely matters and the group is very welcoming and supportive, so please don’t be shy.

There are always students seeking dance partners too, so you may find a dance partner in class, please feel free to enquire.


Same-Sex Beginner’s Dance Classes Tuesdays

Level 1 – Beginner’s class, Fitzroy

A same-sex social group class for complete beginners, held in Fitzroy on Tuesdays.

When: Tuesdays
Level: Beginners (no experience required)
Time: 7:00pm – 8:15pm
Add: 250 George St, Fitzroy (St Mark’s hall)
Cost: $15/$12 conc. (with ID)
Styles: Ballroom & Latin


Level 2 Beginner’s class, Fitzroy

A same-sex social group class for slightly experienced Beginners. Also, for those who’ve become a little rusty and need a gentle reminder, making this a restorative experience for some. This class immediately follows the Level 1 class on Tuesdays.

When: Tuesdays
Level: Beginners 2
Time: 8:15pm – 9:30pm
Add: 250 George St, Fitzroy (St Mark’s hall)
Cost: $15/$12 conc. (with ID)
Styles: Ballroom, Latin & Basic New Vogue

On Tuesdays – please feel free to meet up before/ after classes for dinner or drinks etc. at a cafe on Smith St or the Napier Hotel, which are both nearby.

Dances covered:  Lev 1 – Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Salsa, Rock n Roll, Prog dances (circular partner swapping party dances), are also covered.  Lev 2 – As above with more step patterns and teqnique and styling plus an occasional Rumba & Quickstep, dependant on who’s in class and your requests.

Class descriptions:  Lev 1 – Basic step patterns, timing, leading and following instruction in the dances above.  Lev 2 – As per lev 1 with a greater variety of step patterns and fancier styling etc., while still suitable for beginners.


Fri Socials – like a dance party every week!

Fridays Socials are for the whole student body, from beginners to advanced social dancers.  Fridays are like the studio’s general practice session so attendance is strongly encouraged.  Beginners are welcome as there’s some instruction, but this class is very fast paced and assumes you know a few moves already.  It’s also our weekly party, so the theme is laid back and the focus is on fun, not pressure – that’s why we’ve added wine.  

When?                   Every Friday  (except public hols)
Time                       7:30pm – 9pm
Address                 4 Hyde St, Footscray (scout hall)
Entry                      $15 full / $12 conc.
Includes                 Dance Lesson, Nibbles, Soft Drink/Cask Wine (or BYO)
Special Deal        $7.5/$6  (included)

On Fridays – please feel free to meet up at Bar POOF or the Dancing Dog Cafe, which are both close to our venue.  You’ll need to post on our Facebook group page to arrange a meetup or just talk to your fellow classmates to tee something up in class.  Classes are adults only (16 yrs +), and cash only as there are no ATM facilities, sorry for any inconvenience caused.  

Dances covered:  Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Salsa, Rumba, Jive or Rock n Roll, Prog dances, New Vogue and Viennese Waltz among others..

Class description Fridays – There’s instruction throughout, but very brief and limited.   You can expect at least 2 or 3 rest breaks, and you don’t have to dance – you can just sit out as you wish.   There will be a couple of Progressives too (circular with partner swapping), and some New Vogue too, depending on requests.  This class includes nibbles and wine, so please feel free to BYO plate/drink, as suits.


Private Dance Lessons with Anny

Fitzroy on Thursday & Footscray on Friday.

Cost is $35 per ½ hr or $70 p/hr p/person or couple (couple’s @ $35 each).  You can also book a private group from 4 – 10 people, costs will vary depending on numbers.  With private lessons, you get to choose which dances are covered, the lesson plan and focus, and also the pace of the lessons, dependent on your needs.

Please contact Anny for availability and further details.