Our Same-Sex Dance Classes

Level 1 Beginner's Class
The pace will be quite slow with lots of repetition and the focus will be on the easier dances (Foxtrot, prog Jive, Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, prog Samba, basic Tango & Waltz) and of course, on having fun!  The dances will change from week to week, to keep it interesting, to include some revision from the week before. 
*Intermediates are also welcome to join in, to support and to practice your technique at a slower pace and to support the newbies.

Level 2 Beginner's Class
This is a bridging class to help beginners move into intermediate level, and learn more steps in the dances above, with some New Vogue included (circular set routines).  There will be some basic technique, but the focus is still on fun, as it's a beginner's class.  Intermediates are welcome to join in this class, too.

Technique & New Vogue class 

This is for Lev 2 beginners, Intermediates and above, experience. This class is an opportunity to learn some New Vogue dances, plus it's a chance to learn steps at an Intermediate level at a slower more thorough pace.  You can expect more footwork, styling and general technique info too, hence the name of this class – to give you more WOW factor, when you’re dancing! J

This class’s structure will be half Ballroom & Latin and half N/V, kind of a warm up class for the intermediate class, which follows. 

Intermediate Class

This class will be for our most advanced students at QaF, although not an advanced class, as such.  We will work on short routines including some New Vogue dances too, occasionally.  A stronger focus on technique, arms styling etc., for the experienced social dancer to keep upgrading and refreshing their skills.  This may suit Lev 2 beginners looking for more of a challenge, or with at least 6-12 months experience, under their belt, as a general rule.

When to move classes?   

You can decide when the right timing for your move will be, there are no rules around this, so please feel free to move up, when you feel ready.  Just ask if you're at all unsure, but if you're not feeling challenged, then that's a real indication that it's time to move up a level! 

Private Lessons with Anny
Please contact Anny to check on the availability of a time slot for a Private Lesson. You may choose the dances you want to learn and the pace at which the lessons progress. The tuition fee is $35 per half hour session. Most people prefer an hour lesson at $70. 
*Online $50 per hour. Payment by bank deposit or PayPal call Anny on 0418 671 157.

Private Group Lessons (4 - 10 people)

Please contact Anny to check on the availability of a time slot for a Private Lesson. You may choose the dances you want to learn and the pace at which the lessons progress.  The tuition fee will depend on the numbers. Please contact Anny to discuss this.

Friday Night Social - On hold until further notice (as at 7th July 2020) - replaced by Private Lessons (currently online)

Everyone is welcome at the Friday Night Social. There is some instruction to help the Beginners and we treat this event as our weekly practice session. It's also our weekly party which is why we have wine! Entry is $15 or $12 concession with ID.

Dances covered:  Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Salsa, Rumba, Jive or Rock n Roll, Progressive dances, New Vogue and Viennese Waltz among others..

Exam preparation.
We hold a dance party around this event and bring in an outside judge for this formal exam night and dance party.  The dances covered will depend on your level and what you're aiming for, such as Latin, Ballroom or New Vogue dances and or a combination of all three styles is also accepted.  You can start exams at a Social Level which is the easiest, then move up to a higher level dependant on your needs and wants.  Going for personal goals is a great way to improve.  This is mostly done via private lessons.
Please enquire with Anny.  

Competition preparation.

Melbourne's Midsumma Festival has a same-sex dance competition which has been running annually for over 20 years, so there's plenty of opportunity to enter an event or two, locally.  There are also other same-sex dancing events held around Australia and New Zealand that you could train for.  These are usually prepared for with private lessons. Please enquire with Anny if you're interested.


Performance opportunities are available for those interested at our regular Social Nights, usually held on a Saturday night at our Footscray space. Performances are also part of our regular ‘8 Week Challenges’ available to all students in specified dances for each challenge, either via group class or by private lesson. Please enquire, for more information.


I learned ballroom dancing at boarding school and have done country partner dancing and line dancing for many years. I decided I wanted to learn some latin dances and asked Anny if I could have private lessons. I consider myself lucky she had a vacancy coming up and was able to fit me in. I have been very impressed with the way Anny teaches. Over the years I have experienced dance teachers both here and in the USA and usually they only teach the steps with little or no emphasis on technique. Anny puts a lot of emphasis on technique and that is very important. If you know the correct technique you enjoy your dancing more and it looks so much better! I highly recommend Queer As Foxtrot as a place to learn dancing and to meet some new friends!